Risk Mapping

We are tracking, analyzing and evaluating security challenges, risks and threats.

Crisis Management

We are analyzing and mapping crisis situations and providing effective crisis management.

Guidance and Consulting

We are providing continuous or ad hoc guidance and consultation in commerce, business and politics in EU, from Western Balkans to the Middle East.

Strategic/Political Communication

We offer synchronized communication solutions in order to reach and influence different target audiences.

Professional Programs

We are organizing trainings, courses, exhibitions and conferences related to different security issues and dimensions.

Security System Screening

We are mapping, verifying and controlling existing security solutions (for example object or perimeter protection, etc.).

Conflict Resolution

We are providing solutions for conflict situations, for trust building and for trust strengthening.

Strategic Planning

We are offering strategic planning services.

Tender Assistance, Guidance and Consulting

We are offering services and solutions for tender screening, preparations and related transactions.

Searching for Business Partners

Are you looking for reliable business partners? We will find for you!

Regional business development

Developing and implementing growth opportunities in different regions.